20 ton Small Mini Boom Truck Crane for Rent

Truck Crane | Sany | 20 to 40 ton

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Equipment Overview

SANY truck crane features by high stability, driving flexibility, high lifting performance, simple structure and high efficiency with maximum lifting capacity ranging from 25t to 160t. The adjustable hydraulic system and intelligent electric control system make the truck cranes in high efficiency and low fuel consumptions.

Excellent and Stable Chassis Performance/Chassis System

Double-axle drive is used, providing good traffic-ability and comfortableness under complex road condition with reliable travelling performance.
Engine has the multimode power output function, which reduces power consumption.
The use of tipping over early warning technology provides high stability and safety of the overall operation.

Safe, Stable, Advanced and Intelligent Control System

Self-developed controller SYMC especially for engineering machinery is configured.
The adoption of CAN-bus full digital network control technology ensures stable control signal, simple harness and high reliability.